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Tina Rondeau


After the storm: In search of a place to recharge

On Tuesday, after a couple of tense days of hurricane meals in a hot, dark house (we did not evacuat


Pomodoro Grill: Island favorite at top of its game

No aroma makes me feel as content and happy as the smell of garlic. And nothing radiates this tantal


11 Maple Street: Clearly still one of Florida’s best

For three decades, 11 Maple Street, located in a century-old Florida cottage on a side street just o


First Bites: Green Marlin Restaurant and Raw Bar

An unusually busy summer of restaurant debuts in Vero saw the opening last week of the Green Marlin,


Mr. Manatee’s: Worth a visit for a casual meal

It has been just about a year since Patrick Tomassi, owner of the Quilted Giraffe restaurant, bought